Halloween Show: Velvet Goldmine


Velvet Goldmine was: Gabe Nokes, Amanda Cook, Whitney Kessel, Scott De Medeiros and Andy Tate.

1. Why did you choose Velvet Goldmine?

Amanda Cook: Nearly 5 years ago on Valentine’s Day, (where we both trying to play it cool like we weren’t on a date on Valentine’s Day) Gabriel Nokes insisted we go to Blockbuster and rent Velvet Goldmine. For whatever reason this movie blew my mind while at the same time feeling like it had been a part of me always. The next day I showed up to work with glitter makeup on. Glam rock is something very near and dear to me. I think this has always been our dream cover band.

Gabe Nokes: First and foremost it watches like a musical. It’s nothing but popular music for an hour and a half, so we had a real glut of material. Secondly, me and Amanda really love that movie, in spite of its plot handicaps. Lastly, the soundtrack is made up of music I really love. As an added bonus, glam bands always have a frontman, so me not playing an instrument wasn’t a huge issue.

Andy Tate: I got asked to do it like the week before the show.

Scott De Medeiros: Before my work blocked my internet access to the Halloween show’s website, I saw that Amanda and Gabe wanted to put together Velvet Goldmine for the show.  I had never seen it at that point, so I hurried to e-mail them before they found another drummer, then called in sick to work the next day so I could watch it on Netflix.  I had no idea the movie would be what it was and loved both the way glam and proto-punk songs were reworked into such bigger-than-life versions.  Plus Jonathan Rhys-Meyers was super intense.  I immediately realized why they chose the soundtrack.

2. Describe the Halloween show in 3 words

GN: inclusive showcase (of) talents.

AT: sex sex sex

SDM: Wardrobe Nightmare. Sweaty.

3. What’s your favorite song from the soundtrack?

AC: Definitely “20th Century Boy.” I also pushed us to so “Do you wanna touch me,” even though it is not officially on the soundtrack.

GN: Baby’s on Fire. The first time I ever heard it quickly became the tenth. Great song for repeat.

AT: Baby’s On Fire

SDM: ”T.V. Eye” by the Wyld Rattz (originally The Stooges) – That song just rips from the very beginning, the guitar intro and the solo shred so hard, plus .  Andy really did amazing in nailing it in just 3 practices.

4. Was there a song you wished you could have played but you didn’t?

AC: It would have been fun to do “Velvet Goldmine,” by David Bowie even though it is not on the soundtrack

GN: I really wanted to do “Ladytron” by Roxy Music but it didn’t fit in the set-list. Too low energy.

AT: Personality Crisis

SDM: ”Gimme Danger” by Venus in Furs (Originally The Stooges) – I’m a geek for Iggy Pop.

5. What other Halloween show band would you have loved to be in?

GN: This year: 24 Hour Party People. Past years: maybe Los Misfits, but you can’t out do Malena as Danzig.

SDM:  I wish I could have even been a quarter as talented to be in Wizard of Oz.  Between how perfect their costumes were and throwing the curveball of going from the creepiest version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” I’ve heard in my life so seamlessly into Dark Side of the Moon, I geeked out so hard.

6. What other soundtrack that didn’t get picked would you have wanted to do?

GN: Purple Rain. Can anyone really believe that didn’t happen?

AT: American Psycho. But everyone thought it would be hard to do it without playing huey lewis, which we did a couple years before.

SDM: I really wish that Wayne’s World would have happened.  That and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie soundtrack were probably the two most important soundtracks of my childhood.

7. How did you all come together for this band?

AC: At one point it felt like we weren’t going to be able to get it together in time, but I insisted we make it happen. Skott and Andy really saved the day. I learned the bass in a few days and Whitney joined in on backup and there you have it

GN: Amanda kept telling me we had to do it, that I needed to follow my (albeit ridiculous) dream. She won the battle between me thinking it would be stupid and her thinking it would be really fun. After that we got Skott and Andy to join two weeks before the show and practiced ’til my voice didn’t work. Those dudes were great, good attitude, picking up the music straight away, et cetera. They really set us up to do really well.

AT: hastily

SDM: Since we only got together about a week and a half before the show actually happened, everything was done with two real practices to figure stuff out.  Andy joined on guitar just after I did and learned everything so fast, it was kind of amazing to watch him listen to the songs for the first time at practice, then just play the whole songs-no problem.  Amanda and Gabe were so ahead of the curve on things though, I think they had their costumes together by the first practice (We DID make Amanda practice while wearing her top hat, because it seemed a crime not to).  Gabe was pretty intense in practices, it was almost like he was already in character.  At the second practice, we added Whitney on backup vocals, then did a dress rehearsal at the Shelley’s place and we were good to go.

8. How often did you practice?

AC: I think twice?

GN: Four times two weeks before the show.

AT: 1 1/2 times?

SDM: 3 times over a week and a half, give or take.

9. How hard was it to get off all the glitter?

AC: Waking up the morning after with smeared makeup and glitter in the sheets was the ultimate rockstar morning after. I still find glitter places. Never again.

GN: Off ourselves not very hard. From the space? I’ll put it like this, the Sol Collective says there’s only one rule for next year’s show: no glitter. There’s still some in Amanda’s make-up case.

AT: There’s still glitter on/in my guitar.

SDM:  I had never really worn makeup before that show and never for a performance.  Amanda did my eye makeup just before and I succeeded in sweating so much of it off about 1 song into the set. Glitter in my eyes – not my favorite feeling.  I pretty much ran straight to the bathroom at Sol Collective right after we finished playing and it took about 7-10 minutes using hand soap and the rubber hose in the screen-washing sink to get most of the eye makup off.  When I got home, I was still shedding glitter and I think it was caught in my fur until the Sunday night following, even after 2 showers.

10. How badly do you want to put those costumes on and go out?

AC: That outfit just felt right. This is who I am now guys.

GN: Not in the least, I made them and they’re pretty shotty.

AT: I still wear the bell bottoms. They’re the best pants I’ve ever owned.

SDM: My fiancee said that I was, without a doubt, the most hideous man in makeup she had seen in her life.  Based on that reaction and the phantom burning I remember from the makeup and glitter running, I’m probably good for a lifetime.  I could see Amanda and Gabe going out like that easily though.  I felt a little ashamed that Whitney’s costume was so good considering she had only joined like half a week before the show, because I felt like I phoned in my costume a bit.

11.  What do you love most about the Halloween show?

GN: People who don’t play in bands having the opportunity to perform things that they are super passionate about. I always love for someone to really surprise me at the show.

AT: I hate it

SDM: How unironically the people who come fall in love with what everyone puts together and how the people who put together their bands show a little bit of who they are and what they love.

12. What other Halloween show bands have you been in the past?

GN: None.

AT: I can’t remember

SDM: Black to The Future (Originally Bad Fucking News), a Huey Lewis & The News tribute for the year that the theme was “Albums.”  I also was in Fast Times at Ridgemont High this year.

13. What do you think next year’s theme should be?

AC: Gender bender. Boys played by girls/ girls played as boys. Also, my ultimate theme is Sacramento Bands. The Four Eyes cover the Four Eyes.

GN: Sacramento.

AT: Tv Theme Songs. Everyone would share gear, play the one song, only be allowed to be in one band, and the show would be over in an hour.

SDM: ”We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” - A tribute to the bands and lineups that could never overcome their differences and broke up spectacularly.

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