The Croissants

The Croissants 7

“Trashy pop punk of the highest order is what you get from this Sacramento three-piece. Lo-fi and DIY, these Croissants are filled with distorted guitars and snotty, sneering vocals. These numbers are also incredibly peppy and catchy, with lots of “Oh Yeah” choruses. Reatards and/or Nobunny fans will rejoice with this little gem of a record.” –Jeff Proctor (Razorcake)

Side A

  1. Braindead Airhead
  2. I Don’t

Side B

  1. I Don’t Get To Leave
  2. Textbook Case

Giving Up Never Felt So Good

Rock The Light - Giving Up Never Felt So Good

By now, almost everyone is aware of the tumultuous rise to fame that Rock the Light have endured since releasing their second album over six years ago. The mushroom cloud of fame and fortune that arose with the detonation of their breakthrough record came with a heavy price. Addiction, anxiety, despair: a vicious freefall of self-destruction that, try as they might, would not remain latent beneath the shallow mirage of sex, money and drugs. And, when those unconquerable demons captured possession of their souls, Rock the Light was mercilessly thrust into the burning pit of the public eye. The most intimate details of their lives, devoured by a ravenous public, their most private hell showcased for all the world to see.

But now, Rock the Light has returned from the grave, louder and hungrier than ever. With a new addition to the band, Rock the Light has found the focus and moral center that was so tragically absent in recent times. In this new album, you will hear- no, you will experience- the renewed passion for life, sex and rock that is burning in the hearts of each member of this reborn tribe of pipers, this five-point Lazarus, risen from the dead and ready to rock. So, forget what you think you know about Rock the Light. The past is fucking prologue. – Mike Dub

Pizza Sells…But Who’s Buying?


Track List:

  1. We Don’t Have To Do Anything Anymore
  2. Rock n’ Roll Radio
  3. My New Shirt

We Will Raise Your Child

Knock Knock - We Will Raise Your Child

The story is this:

Side 1: Wild and blue is just a banger that introduces us as a band that makes hits, after that, a child is stolen and raised (We Will Raise). The child sings himself to sleep where upon his hair grows long and be becomes a rocker (When I Was a Child). Then, this guy named Mike fights the mysteries of the multi-verse. Finally, a baptism takes place in a creep river where the world won’t end and the parents (Who Stole Him) reflect upon when they were young and were rockers too. Thus ends side 1.

Side 2: Heaven sent is just a banger that shows we are a band who is here to make hits. The kid realizes that his parents are creeps and is chased by dogs after he is kicked out of his home and must make his way as an adolescent who just has to sing and dance. He is, after all, a rocker. He is adopted again and falls in lover with is stepsister. He joins a band called Knock Knock, which is not to be fucked with. Time passes. Finally, as an adult, he meets his stepsister at a bar where upon they reflect on their upbringing, decide to give the romance another go, so they end up doin’ it. Thus, the circle of life continues.

Nacho Business self-titled 7″ EP

Nacho Business self-titled 7


Track List:
  1. Spend the Night
  2. Running
  3. Sun Sun